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If you have any difficulties using our software packages please log your problem on our Problem Tracking System (PTS). This will ensure that your problem will be seen to as soon as possible and you can also check on the progress of its resolution from here.

Please key in your PTS user name and password. If you are a new user please press the Register button and fill in the necessary details so that we can register you as a new user.
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Remote Support
Download TeamViewer by clicking here to enable our staff to access your PC remotely to provide immediate support.
Once you download or run TeamViewer please call our support department on +356 2786 3076 and quote the Team Viewer ID and password located in the two blue boxes on the Team Viewer screen. The password will only be valid for the current session and will change automatically on your subsequent session. Download Agilis TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a secure Remote Access and Support solution by TeamViewer GmbH.

In case of difficulty please e-mail
Agilis Ltd
Tower Road, Swatar Birkirkara BKR 4012 MALTA
+356 27 86 30 76
+356 27 03 93 86